These poems are dedicated to all the many mothers out there – who themselves dedicate their time and energy to fostering and nurturing their children, whether those children are biological, adopted, or simply chosen out of love.

We see you and thank you…

Nighttime crying child
Then fuzzy head at my breast
Together we sleep

Mother’s remedy
Such soothing balm to sorrow
her children laughing

Her touch the bandage
with which she mended my hurts
merciful angel

On the Christmas tree,
crudely made and unrefined
Six cornhusk angels
still humble the brightest stars
for they hold the spark of Love

My mother made them
with utmost warmth and care
One winter evening
She is dead now, my mother
but her angels watch us still.

so many stiches
a lifetime of memories
in grandmother’s quilts

Copyright (C) J.S. White

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