Spring’s Coming

February. The last real month of winter before warming temperatures and rising sap turns the landscape into hills of bright green and pockets of flowering trees.

Some of the first flowers to show up in my neck of the woods is Forsythia, a flowering shrub with flowers that look like they’ve been colored with a yellow highlighter. Some other flowers that brave the still cold weather between February and March are the humble Crocus and the quintessential spring flower, the Daffodil.

It’s also the month of that most dreaded holiday – Valentine’s Day – which, as if it needs to be stated, has nothing at all to do with the actual St. Valentine (a Christian priest who was martyred by the Romans, along with another man named Valentine, on February 14th back in antiquity).

However, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day (the secular holiday, not the memorial of the martyr) and the anticipated return of spring, I have gathered up some poetry for the occasion. I hope you enjoy.

Here we have a poem about the renewal of spring and another that speaks of the warmth and renewal of one’s heart by love:


Now the remains of winter
ebb away, its chill beginning to fade.
Where shall life renew itself?

Behold the approaching veil of rain!
It nears this place of desolation.
Fairer than her sisters, Ice and Snow,
enters the beauty – Spring Showers.

Beads of life-giving moisture,
like the tears of a loving mother!
Overcast skies hold no oppression now.
Skirts of gentle protection promise renewal.

So unassuming, flowers blossom
on the scarred remains of winter cold.
Mother Earth, so paradoxical you are!
Severe and then so nurturing.


Your eyes speak out in the night
filled with gentle Love,
and Passion’s primal light.
Kisses sweet as honeysuckle vines
issues from you rose-tinged lips –
a medley of fine wines.

Touches, soft as feathers, fly
across my skin and lift my soul
into a bright and trembling sky.
And words, such words, are those you say
that to the winter of my heart
you bring eternal May.

© J.S. White
Picture credit: Larissa Lahtinen

1 Comment

  1. Donna White says:

    I love your poems. I also didn’t know about St. Valentine. I learned something new.


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