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The Bells of Reine – part 3

meanwhile, the days passed with foul weather and thick fog and still there was no sight of the husbands returning from their venture over the waves.

Jehanna, as well as the other fisher-wives, grew increasingly anxious…

Part 3 of “The Bells of Reine”.

The Turn of the Year

I feel connected to the changing seasons where I live. The turn of the year is an recurrent experience of which I never tire…

The Bells of Reine – part 2

…so it was, lying beside her husband among the warm blankets, Jehanna could think only of the strange priest in his lonesome vigil within the church…always in the days following her visit to the stone church, it seemed a weariness she could not shake walked with her…

Part 2 of my short fiction story “The Bells of Reine”. Enjoy.


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