The Bells of Reine – part 2 it was, lying beside her husband among the warm blankets, Jehanna could think only of the strange priest in his lonesome vigil within the church...always in the days following her visit to the stone church, it seemed a weariness she could not shake walked with her... Part 2 of my short fiction story "The Bells of Reine". Enjoy.

The Bells of Reine – part 1

…the priest began ringing the bells of the church each night from midnight until just before dawn. Night after night, the inhabitants suffered and cursed the priest from the quiet of their beds, but none more so than a woman named Jehanna... Part 1 of my short fiction story "The Bells of Reine". Enjoy.

With Mortified Fondness

In many ways, I was a typical teenager. I spent a great deal of time in my room. I listened to music and wished I was anywhere but where I was at any particular moment. And starting sometime during my sixth-grade year (I was eleven at the time), I started writing poetry...